The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Senior Housing Community located in Okmulgee provides an excellent environment where elderly Creek citizens can enjoy the independence of performing their basic daily activities while living in a safe and convenient atmosphere.




Eligibility Requirements


•  Be Native American or a Native American family. Preference given to Muscogee (Creek) citizens.


•  Applicant must have a minimum annual income of $5000.00 and a maximum that does not exceed the applicable income limits set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Public and Indian Housing.   Income Guidelines


•  Be 55 years of age or older (preference given to those applicants 62 years of age or older).


•  Provide all requested information including Creek Citizenship and Social Security cards and sign all required forms including the Consent for Disclosure of Information.


•  Occupancy will be allowed once an applicant is determined to be eligible, the Total Tenant Payment (TTP) is established, and a unit is available.







Elderly Housing Program

Residents live in their own 1 or 2 bedroom unit located in a 54 unit housing addition surrounding a 4600 sq. ft Multi-purpose community building.



Each living facility is furnished with a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and washer/dryer.




All units are equipped with  handicapped bathrooms, emergency alert switches and a built-in saferoom for use during emergency weather conditions.




A 4600 sq. ft. Elderly Housing Community Center located at the center of the housing addition serves as a focal point for many community activities.




Muscogee Nation Department of Housing

 2951 N. Wood Dr., Okmulgee, Ok 74447 l 918.549.2500 / 1.800.482.1979

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