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Lease With Option to Purchase Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.  How do I apply?

    A. LWOP Applications can be submitted in person or mailed to the Dept. of Housing Admissions Department. The application must be signed, dated, and have all required documents attached.

  •   Q.  Where do I get an application?

    A. You can call the Department of Housing and request to have an application mailed to you. Applications may also be downloaded from the Dept. of Housing website.

  •   Q.  I live outside of the Creek Nation Boundaries. Can I still apply?

    A. Yes but at the time of assistance you must be willing to move within the Creek Nation Boundaries.

    A 20 mile buffer zone around the Creek Nation jurisdictional boundary applies to Creek citizens 55 and older. See eligibility requirement on LWOP page.

  •   Q. Can a single person qualify for the LWOP program?

    A. Yes but preference is given to large families, elderly, and handicap/disabled.

Muscogee Nation Department of Housing

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