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The Emergency Repair Of Privately Owned Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Q. Does the program provide pest extermination?

    A. No, this would be considered general maintenance.

  •   Q. Does this program provide storm shelters?

    A. No, The Department of Housing does not have a program that provides storm shelters or safe rooms.

  •   Q. Do I have to purchase Insurance?

    Yes- If repairs go over $5,000.00 you will be responsible to purchase insurance before we can do any more repairs.

  •   Q. How Long will the process take?

    Depending on what the issues are , Electrical, AC , Plumbing, Sewer, Hot Water Tanks and other small issues can go pretty quickly. If repairs run over $5,000 a contract will have to go out for bid and an environmental clearance will have to be done.  This can take up to 90 days.

  •   Q. Do you do rehabs or remodels?

    No-Housing no longer offers that program.

  •   Q. Do you serve other tribes?

    Other tribal members may fill out an application but Creek citizens will have preference.

  •   Q. How often do I need to update my application?

    Applications will need to be updated annually until services are received.

Muscogee Nation Department of Housing

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